Mozam Projects

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     Mar e Sol

Phase 1

Luxury 40 house condominium tourism lodge nestled on a hill in lush dune vegetation overlooking the main beach of Ponta Do Ouro, Southern Mozambique. Pristine white beaches, crystal clear warm ocean, scuba diving, dolphin swimming and close proximity to shops and restaurants all contribute to a magnificent venue for investors and holiday makers alike.

Ten of the forty issued share capital are for sale to potential investors which equate to the opportunity of constructing the remaining 10 houses in the complex which may then be sold as plot + plan Whole Ownership units to potential Buyers. Perpetual land and project rights, full licensing, 30 units already built and with ROI's up to 70% the purchase of the remaining shares and its related potential house sales constitute a sound and profitable investment with limited risk.

Phase 2

Located directly next to the stunning Mar E Sol Phase 1 on a primary hill overlooking the ocean and a pristine white beach, Mar E Sol Phase 2 is comprised of 25 luxury whole ownership and fractional houses constructed in a self contained complex affording exclusivity with private beach access, majestic vistas and security and comfort. Coupled with a private clubhouse, swimming pool, sauna, viewing decks, sports centre and entertainment area the Mar E Sol Phase 2 Complex is designed to accommodate upmarket discerning home owners and guests alike.

Once the complex infrastructure is built, plot + plan packages will be sold to potential buyers incorporating custom and tailor made homes with luxury fixtures and fittings thereby creating a very exclusive and upmarket facility. In addition to purchasing the plot + plan houses, buyers will be afforded share-hold in the holding company thereby creating an extremely stable and secure investment. Venture capital and equity investment is sought in order to create start-up capital for the project. Full state authorization and licensing coupled with investment guarantees and high ROI's ensure a sound, limited risk and profitable investment.


Praia e Sol

An upmarket tourism complex nestled in lush tropical coastal vegetation with magnificent ocean views and comprised of 6 Fractional luxury homes, 14 Share block and 20 Whole Ownership units located on one of the most pristine stretches of coastline on the east coast of Mozambique. A conference centre, clubhouse with swimming pool, boat houses, a scuba dive centre and direct private access to the exclusive beach each contribute to a magnificent tourism development.

Equity partnership or funding of venture capital is now available for potential investors with share holding ranging from 40% for a USD 1.5 Million investment up to 100% for a USD 11.0 Million input. Initial exposure capital would be in the region of USD 1.1 Million with ROI's ranging from between 62% - 117%. Perpetual land rights, full project authorizations, dividend repatriation guarantees and tax incentives all constitute toward a sound and sustainable project with long-term profitability.


Vista Spa & Lodge

Vista Alta Lodge is an upmarket Lodge & Spa located between Ponta D' Ouro and Ponta Malongane in the Southern Mozambique. Just 10kms from the South African Border. The 5 Star facility offers discerning guests an eclectic blend of thick luscious dune forestation coupled with kilometers of unspoilt beach and stuning ocean views. Swimming pools, gymnasium, restaurant & bars all compliment this magnificent venue whilst raised wooden walkways link all facilities and beach access. In addition to revenues from the Lodge & Spa the complex has obtained the rights to construction a further 13 (12 already built) whole ownership timber frame log homes that can be sold off to raise additional revenues. Ideally situated, direct beach access, stunning pamoramic views and a host of other attributes all combine to offer would be investors a magnificent opportunity in prime Real Estate that is guaranted to escalate in value as the area develops. 





Located on the East Coast of Africa, southern Mozambique with a warm clear ocean, tropical dense foliage, pristine white beaches and a year round stable climate is a haven for Tourists, Holiday Makers and Investors alike.  Coupled with drive & fly-in access, perpetual Land Rights, full State Licensing, Dividend Repatriation guarantees and Government Tax Incentives for Investors, the area and region in particular is now a main Emerging Market for potential Investors.   

Equity Investment and Venture Capital prospects are now available in Prime Mozambique Coastal/Bush Tourism and Real Estate Developments.  With R.O.I up to 110% and 40% - 100% equity share -hold an opportunity exists for Investors to explore Key Mozambique Real Estate and Tourism Projects ranging from Whole Ownership Condominium Complexes to, Holiday Homes, Boutique Hotels, Eco-Coastal Resorts, Luxury Spa’s and a 400 House Golfing Estate.Coral Palm Development (Pty) Ltd and its associates, a Property & Project Developer has secured numerous Leisure Property opportunities in Mozambique which are presently either being developed for Tourism, Residential or the Leisure Syndication markets, wish to form partnerships with entities that can offer Investment Capital.  
In addition to its Development Portfolio in southern Africa and Mauritius, Coral Palm has established itself over the past 20 years as one of the leading Development Companies in Mozambique by constructing six fully self-contained Tourism Complexes over 150 Holiday Homes and numerous businesses ranging from Bars and Restaurants to a Luxury Lodge & Spa and Watersport Centre and presently is exploring a Golfing Estate and 3 Coastal Tourism Resorts.  

Rated by the World Bank in its World Tourism & Associated Economic Sustainability report as “one of the most potentially promising and economically viable Tourism and Development destinations off the east coast of southern Africa”,  Mozambique now offers massive incentives for potential Investors & Speculators alike