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1.0                      The Firm

The Coral Palm Development Corporation was formed in 1990 with the intention of creating a team of professionals that could provide a dynamic, pro-active and hands-on service to a discerning and demanding market.  The company initially specialised in the conceptualisation, project management and construction of various resort developments and associated infrastructures throughout Africa and the neighbouring islands including, Comores, Mozambique and Mauritius.  In July 1999 the firm recognised a need for professional medium to large construction companies in southern Africa and an amalgamation was formed with Eagle 2000 Services and Projects and GBD Hospitality with the intention of filling this gap and subsequently extensive Hotel & Corporate construction and refurbishment was undertaken by the Company for the Southern Sun Group spanning an eight year period with an upgrades of over 4000 rooms.

Since then the company has completed various projects ranging from residential home alterations and refurbishments to turnkey office parks, warehouses, shopping centres and residential complexes including development projects and industrial renovations.  The company is based in offices just outside Johannesburg where it operates both nationally and internationally.  However work in Mozambique and Mauritius are managed through its local companies, Por Do Sol Limitada and African Safaris cc respectively.  More recently the company has amalgamated with KH Investimentos Lda a project developer and, Micawber 521 (Pty) Ltd a property investment firm. 

2.0     Our Philosophy

Coral Palms experience has enabled it to develop a comprehensive understanding of the problems that confront prospective building owners and developers.  Consequently this has led to the establishment of procedures and techniques, which consistently control costs, limit risk and add value for our clients.  The essence of our project management is to achieve the projects objective by using the technical talents of an integrated professional construction team whose function it is to achieve timeous completion of a building project, without sacrificing good design, quality and a well-functioning building operating under our guidance and direction. 

We anticipate and timeously resolve issues rather than solve them only once they become problems.  Whilst finishing on time is of prime concern, we will not adopt a “finish at all costs” attitude – quality and cost will not be compromised.  Our service includes the diverse expertise and constituent skills within the organisation, specialising in related fields, ensuring a smooth transition from what originates as a dream, to a building under construction and ultimately to a building in occupation.

3.0     Executive Profile

There are three principals heading the Coral Palm Development Corporation who have jointly accumulated over 69 years of experience and expertise in the construction, building, development, project management, Eco and adventure related tourism markets, resort development, operation and international tourism marketing.

Mr Tiaan De Klerk is the Chief Quantity Surveyor for Coral Palm and has accumulated over 18 years of Quantity Surveying, Building Construction & Development and Project Management experience.  Mr De Klerk has garnered vast knowledge and expertise in the field by working for some of the top companies in SA i.e.: Basil Read Building, Heinzelmann Dill, EC Harris, Taljaard, Meyer & Storm and O.S.I. Africa Project Management.  Some of Mr De Klerk’s projects include:

·        co-developer on Samrand Golf & Country Estate (incl designs, budgets, cash flows etc.)
·        construction project manager on Emerald Safari Resort in Vereeniging
·        tenant fit-out & move migration on World Bank offices
·        project manager on infrastructure development for Samrand Commercial & Industrial Park
·        project manager on total Telkom Tembisa annual upgrade programme
·        tenant fit-out & move migration for Mathison & Hollidge
·        completed planning & documentation phase for Fountains Hotel in Pretoria
·        tenant fit-out and move migration for EDS (SA), HSBC (UK) & ASDA (UK)
·        quantity surveyor on ABI Mine Denver extensions
·        quantity surveyor for Sadiola Gold Mine in Mali for Anglo American
·        project manager for BasilReadBuilding on Kwandebele Government Offices
·        project manager for BasilReadBuilding on the Lynmed Hospital in Benoni & the Sunward Park Hospital in Boksburg
·        construction manager for Basil Read Building on an Office Park at 156 Jan Smuts Ave in Rosebank
·        project manager on phase 4, 5 & 6 of the Montana Hospital (R 7 mil)
·        construction project manager on the (R20 mil) Olivedale Shopping Centre
·        construction manager on the Riverside Auto Body (R3.4 mil) & Chemapan Warehouse (R1.6 mil) refurbishment

Mr Len Payne is the Operations Director of the Coral Palm Construction and is principally the motivating factor behind all the aspects pertaining to operational and logistical formats of the company and its projects.  Mr Payne has accumulated 40 years of experience in the construction and building industry in South Africa with projects ranging from housing developments to that of tourism resorts and office blocks.  His more significant projects include:

·                     development between 1978-1992 of numerous major residential complexes in Gauteng & Pretoria.
·                     assisted in 1993-1994 with “Ponta D’ Ouro” land securement project in Southern Mozambique
·                     in addition to working directly for Sol Kerzner between 1993-1994 he completed various projects for the Kerschof Group
·                     He was appointed in 1994-1995 the primary maintenance contractor for Anglo American (mines)
·                     developed in 1993-1996 luxury townhouse/cluster complexes in various East Rand municipalities
·                     1995 co-developed with architect Mark Van Eeden various residential & upmarket housing complexes in Gauteng
·                     co-developed in 1995-1996 the Ponta D’ Ouro resort complex in Southern Mozambique
·                     1997-1998 managed the total revamp of the 4star, 23 floor Parktonian Hotel.
·                     1998-1999 managed & directed domestic projects for Standard and Absa banks in Gauteng, Natal &Pretoria
·                     appointed in 2000 as senior consultant for Manhattan Construction Projects
·                     2000 managed and directed construction of Danefurn complex in Fourways, Gauteng
·                     1999-2000 managed and co-developed various residential and community development projects with Charles Mariner architects in Gauteng
·                     conceptualisation between 2000-2007 of government initiated tourism resort developments as part of the Lubombo SDI (spatial development initiative) in northern KwaZulu, Swaziland & Mozambique
·                     2001-2002 initiated brief for sourcing and procurement of land for development in Mozambique and;
·                     development of “Mar e Sol” residential  and holiday log home complex between 2002-2007 in southern Mozambique
·                     various turnkey property development in Mozambique from 2001 – 2014

Kevin Lee Payne is the Managing Director and founding member of the Coral Palm Development Corporation.  He is in turn an affiliate, partner and member of all of the above-listed associate companies.  Mr Payne has for the past 20 years been extensively involved in creating opportunities and infrastructures for resort& tourism construction and  development in Southern Africa.  He has been largely instrumental in the creation and development of tourist venues and in addition the formulation and capturing of associated markets targeted for those venues.  Alternatively, Mr Payne has been responsible for various development briefs in Mauritius, Comoros, Mozambique & South     
Africa ranging from conceptualisation to turnkey

Significant projects that Mr Payne has either managed or directed include:

·                     the initiation & development of the Dolphin Watersport Centre in Perribay Mauritius in 1988
·                     upgrade of the Casa Florida Hotel in Mauritius in 1989
·                     operation and management of the SDR resort complex in Sodwana Bay, South Africa in 1990
·                     development of the East Coast watersport charter company in SodwanaBay in 1990
·                     development of Ecstasea Dive School & Charters complex in Johannesburg in 1990-1991
·                     co-sponsor in  1991 with SATOUR in the development of an international protocol for adventure tourism & overseas funding of tourism resorts in South Africa
·                     establishing of the international “Dive South Africa” program protocol in 1991
·                     formation in 1992 of the African Dive Safaris tour operator company with affiliates in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany and Italy
·                     development in 1992-1993 of the Mauritius based Hibiscus Hotel charter company
·                     initiation in 1993-1994 of the “Dive the South Coast” of South Africa international tourism program
·                     location & plotting for the Mozambique State between 1994-1996 the coral reefs off Southern Mozambique
·                     refurbishment & development in 1995-1999 of the Ponta D’ Ouro resort in Mozambique
·                     establishment & marketing in 1995-1997 of the Southern Mozambique tourism market & initiation of the “Dive & drive Southern Mozambique” program
·                     management & operation between 1996-2001 of the Ponta D’ Ouro resort
·                     formation and development in 1996-2000 of SAUES (Southern African Underwater Ecology Society)
·                     formalisation in 1998 of the La Galawa Sun Hotel watersport & reef management program on Grand Comore island
·                     appointment as the Regional Co-ordinator for Southern Africa for the Global Coral reef Monitoring Network protocol program in 1997-2001
·                     conceptualisation and design of various resort projects off northern KwaZulu in accordance with the South African governments Lubombo SDI (spatial development initiative) protocol
·                     locating and developing between 1998-2000 of tourism development sites in Grand Baaie & Rouche Noir in Mauritius, Ponta D’ Ouro & Ponta Techobanine in Mozambique and Luphohlo Dam in Swaziland,
·                     upgrade & refurbishment of various Tourism Resorts in southern Mozambique including Motel Do Mar and Ponta Malongane
·                     conceptualisation, project management and development between 2000-2013 of the Mar e Sol residential & holiday home complex in Ponta D’ Ouro, Mozambique
·                     construction of various residential homes & complexes in Gauteng, South Africa between 2001 - 2005
·                     refurbishment & alteration projects for Southern Sun from 2001 – 2008 including 15 Hotels and over 4000 rooms
·                     turnkey property development in Gauteng, South Africa from 2003 – 2009
·                     various turnkey property development in Mozambique from 1992 – 2014

Mr Kyle Payne is a Director and member of the Coral Palm Development Corporation and is principally involved with the project management of all related works. Mr Payne has worked abroad and accumulated 10 years of experience in the construction and building industry in Southern Africa with projects ranging from work on the Gautrain development to that of tourism resorts, office blocks and Hotel maintenance and refurbishments. Some of his projects include:

·                     Extensions to various Gauteng Schools and High schools 2016 - 2017
·                     Conceptualisation, project management and development between 2009-2017 of the Mar e Sol residential & holiday home complex in Ponta D’ Ouro, Mozambique
·                     Construction of various residential homes & complexes in Gauteng, South Africa between 2009 - 2017
·                     Refurbishment & alteration projects for Southern Sun from 2015 – 2017
·                     Turnkey property development in Gauteng, South Africa from 2015 – 2017
·                     Various turnkey property development in Mozambique from 2015 – 2017

4.0            Service, Skills and Expertise

4.1     Service Overview

At Coral Palm we provide an all-embracing development and building construction service, which encompasses the following:

·        assisting in the formulation and interpretation of the Client brief
·        participation in the development of concept & sketch designs
·        formulation of initial budget and subsequent developed and approved budgets
·        preparation of tender / contractual documentation
·        procurement and evaluation of construction services
·        cost and contractual management during construction
·        project management
·        full developmental and building construction process
·        estimating, procurement and financial administration of tenant / client fit outs
·        final close out of accounts

5.0            Services Offered

The core of Coral Palm’s service is based on providing Clients with a responsive and relevant positively driven development and construction service, which includes the following:

5.0.1  The Development Phase

From conceptualisation to reality, Coral Palm will design and formulate a construction project based on the clients brief.  Feasibility studies, developmental plan approvals environmental impact assessments are all part and partial of this process.

5.0.2  Cost Planning/Estimates

The preparation of every estimate, cost report, payment valuation etc. is closely overseen by the Directors of the company ensuring accurate and efficient analyses of each study.  We are committed to bottom line responsibility and believe that our “hands on” commercial approach reaps substantial benefits for our clients.

5.0.3    Viability Studies

In order to adequately meet the Clients brief, various viability studies and reports are presented that test the limits of the projects capability, budget, time restrictions and potential progress components.

5.0.4    Budgetary Control

With our experience on a wide variety of challenging projects we are able to plan and control the expenditure on any construction project.  This includes bills of quantity preparation, tendering & negotiation, cost management, contractual control, cost control of client and tenant fit-outs.

5.0.5    Project Management

The essence of Coral Palm’s project management is to achieve the projects objective by using the technical talents of an integrated professional construction team operating under the project managers guidance and direction.  This results in a successful and enjoyable experience for all concerned.  The project managers relationship with the owner is the keystone in the structure of the project hierarchy in understanding his business and needs

5.0.6    Preconstruction

During this phase, acting as liaison between owners and consultants, Coral Palm establishes a comprehensive and lucid brief for the project, also attending to contractual arrangements between the owner and all professional consultants, ensuring that the responsibilities of the various parties are clearly defined.  Of prime importance is the careful screening of consultants and sub-contractors prior to appointment – to establish that they have the experience, capacity and resources to attain the projects objectives.

5.0.7    Communication Co-ordination

Proper communication co-ordination is a priority in any project.  A documentation programme based on the construction programme is set out depicting the time objectives for the various consultants to achieve relative to the intended construction process.  The documentation programme forms the cornerstone in the maintenance of discipline amongst the consultants and the owner.

5.0.8    Financial Control

Coral Palm works in close co-operation with the quantity surveyor, assisting in guiding the owner through the minefield of decision making with up to date cost and time implications on the evolving project.  This together with budget meetings and updated cost reports means that the owner will have all the necessary information to make timeous decisions.  Thus the owner will not have to accept merely being confronted with historical data or with fait accompli, but can meaningfully participate in the process of the project as it evolves.

5.0.9    Contractor Appointments

Depending on the size and scope of the project, Coral Palm would normally perform the construction protocol in-house and if necessary outsource to consultants and sub-contractors.  Pre-qualification of tenderers is carried out prior to the tender stage to establish the contractors suitability.  This process allows the project manager to assess a contractors managerial skills, financial strength and performance records and, more importantly, the specific team and methodology intended for the project.

5.0.10                       Construction Phase

Design and construction proceed concurrently and the prime role of Coral Palm is to maintain the timeous flow of information between itself and the sub-contractors.  Effective communication, managerial prowess, flair for innovation and the ability to deal with complicated and timeous construction requirements are critical at this stage.  Coral Palm is fully capable of communicating effectively with charge-hand, foreman, consultants and top management alike.

5.0.11                       Contractors

Maintaining a communications network between the owner, consultants, contractor, sub-contractors and the owners direct contractors, Coral Palm will monitor and co-ordinate all of these relative functions.  Establishing efficient and effective collaboration between the various consultants and contractors, means working towards achieving a common goal.

5.0.12                       Site Control

On-site control is essential toward the timeous and effective fulfilment of any project.  Hands on liaison and communication with the teams on site enable us to sense trends, anticipate problems and generally troubleshoot.  Off-site control is regarded as being equally important as on-site construction and Coral Palm endeavours to fully monitor the full network of activities producing goods and services for the project.

5.0.13                       Handover

An owner can rely on Coral Palm for a smooth transition from a building under construction to a building in occupation.  Control and co-ordination of this major exercise is expertly executed, dovetailing direct contractors and the owners organisation into the site activity.

6.0 The Development Process

In addition to its hands-on building construction service, Coral Palm offers a fully comprehensive and professional conceptual development facility that affords clients the opportunity of transforming an idea into a fully-fledged concept or project.  Coral palm has recourse to all the expertise, experience, facilities, equipment and technical disciplines a project could require.  From concept to reality the Coral Palm developmental process is as follows;

o                   Conceptualise the project
o                   Prepare feasibility studies
o                   Secure properties, EIA’s & development plan approvals
o                   Liaise with administrative & political bodies
o                   Establish project schedules
o                   Develop parameters, budgets & reports
o                   Financial & budget control
o                   Source, place & co-ordinate key personnel
o                   Co-ordinate operational inputs & brief
o                   Draw-Up tenders & construction contracts
o                   Negotiate with contractors
o                   Plan & Co-Ordinate construction activities
o                   On-going Project Development – communication with media, project marketing & sales
o                   Plan & Source all project operational requirements, office furniture etc.
o                   Co-ordinate relevant legal activities
o                   liaise with local & national authorities for planning, environmental, importation, labour & legislative requirements
o                   Turnkey - handover to client

7.0     Mission Statement
To provide our clients with a value added individually tailored service through an unrivalled level of excellence in construction and development
To ensure that our clients experience a proactive, committed, enthusiastic and professional service from our experienced directors and staff

To provide a comprehensive and dynamic hands-on construction and development service with a depth of resource and experience that will contribute to the ultimate success of every project undertaken

To provide an environment in which people from all backgrounds are made welcome, nurtured and given the                   
opportunity to  advance resulting in an exceptional level of  commitment from all staff.

8.0     Quality Assurance

At Coral Palm we are committed to Quality Assurance.  We have established Quality Assurance standards to work within our practice in two categories as follows:

(a)       Technical Quality which comprises knowledge, equipment, procedures and

(b)      Functional Quality which comprises delivery, accessibility, attitude, appearance
and relationships.

Coral Palm has a standing committee, which addresses quality issues on an on-going basis, and we continually strive to improve all aspects of both technical and functional quality.  We believe that the ultimate judge of quality of service is the end user i.e.; the Client.

9.0     Affirmative Action Policy

Coral Palm is committed to the empowerment process and affirmative business enterprise and seeks, through its development projects, to create opportunities for regions and its people.

Coral Palm is committed to fair treatment of its staff and to the requirements of the employment equity legislation.  The management of Coral Palm ensures and promotes equal opportunity for its staff and for people seeking employment with the company irrespective of their race, creed, colour, nationality, origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Coral Palm as an employer, undertakes specific measures to create programmes which will result in the development of its staff, the environment in which it operates and the many different stakeholders of the company.  Coral palm ensures that all employees, job applicants and clients are made fully aware of the company’s equity plan and that an environment of non-discrimination and fair treatment will result in its workplace.

·        there should be no barrier to any employee being promoted,

·        the only criteria for fulfilling a job will be the inherent requirements of the job,

·        in addition to the inherent requirements of a vacancy, candidates from designated groups will be considered for all jobs within the company based on their potential, ability and equivalent learning.  The use of fair measurement and testing is allowed when assessing candidates on the inherent requirements of a particular job and;
·        the company will actively seek ways of being able to provide employment for disabled persons.

10.0   Environmental Policy

Coral Palm Development is a multi-disciplined company operating in the Building, Domestic, Civil Engineering and Tourism Resort Development industries.  It is recognised that the nature of these operations impacts on the environment.  Coral Palm Development has committed itself to an environmental policy whereby it will:

o                   Comply with the EMP of its customers/clients and  all relevant environmental legislation and to establish an EMP for use on contracts where the  customer/client does not have a specific EMP
o                   Develop Environmental Management Systems (EMS),based on ISO14001, through a culture of                                   environmental awareness and training for the organisation
o                   Commit to preventing pollution and strive to ensure continuous improvement of its environmental  performance
o                   Endeavour to influence subcontractors and suppliers to conform to the Standards of ISO14001
o                   Monitor and modify environmental management through formal review and audit of EMS records to ensure effective performance and:
o                   Take into consideration the environmental concerns of both the customer/client and interested parties and to communicate the policy to all personnel in Coral Palm Development.

11.0 Quality Policy

Coral Palm Development is committed to a policy of quality management and will operate within the guidelines of ISO-9001/14001 Series 2000.  Quality in the Coral Palm group is based upon the philosophy that the most effective way of satisfying both the company and the customer, is by doing work right the first time.  With this philosophy in mind, Coral Palm’s quality policy is directed to achieve the following objectives:

o                   To ensure that all staff understand the importance of quality in their work and that they accept the need for working practises that are governed by quality system procedures
o                   Coral Palm’s quality policy will be implemented via a quality plan that will be tailored to the particular circumstances of each project
o                   To provide the client with a project that is completed to programme, within budget, and that conforms to the clients stated or agreed specifications and;
o                   The Coral Palm Development QA Manager will be responsible for the preparation and implementation of the quality plan for each project.  The plan will clearly detail the responsibilities, actions, documentation and quality records required to achieve the above objectives
o                   The quality plan shall accommodate the clients requirements, concentrate attention on areas of risk within the project, define schemes for efficient working, good communication and collaboration with all concerned with the project.

12.0   Affiliations

The Coral Palm Group is affiliated to the following subsidiary companies and organisations i.e.;


·                    Nautilus Investment Trust
·                    Sunset Shore Investments (Pty) Ltd
·                    Micawber 521 (Pty) Ltd
·                    HK Developments cc
·                    Southern African Underwater Ecology Society
·                    KH Investimentos Limitada
·                    Por do Sol Limitada
·                    GBD Hospitality & Management (Pty) Ltd
·                    African Safaris cc


·                    NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council)
·                    SATOUR (South African Tourism Association)
·                    SATSA (South African Travel agents Association)
·                    GCRMN (Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network)
·                    AIMS (Australian Institute of Marine Sciences)
·                    ORI (Oceanographic Research Institute)
·                    WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
·                    EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust)
·                    NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors)
·                    PADI (Professional Association of Underwater Instructors)
·                    EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust)

13.0   Professional Associates

The Professional Team of Associates which Coral Palm has worked with in the past and present includes:

·        Quantity Surveyors: H&D Projects, Mr Tiaan De Klerk
·        Architect: Van Rooyen Architects, Mr Danie Van Rooyen
·        Structural Engineer: Geyer & Associates, Mr. Willem Geyer
·        Construction: Vista Alta Construction, Mr Hennie Potgieter
·        Legal: Deneys Reitz/Norton Rose, Mr Andrew Bembridge
·        Legal: KPMG Mozambique, Dr. Gracinda Cumbe
·        Legal: Solex & Associates, Mr. Ellsio Sousa
·        Accounting/Auditing: GJ Visser & Associates, Mr Cornel Smith
·        Accounting: KPMG Mozambique, Dr Gracinda Cumbe
·        Accounting: Fama International, Mr. Fernando Armando
·        Electrical: Unmanned Security Options cc, Mr Alex Sinclair
·        Plumbing: Vista Alta Construction, Mr. Hennie Potgieter

14.0   Consulting Associates

GBD Hospitality & Management was formed to assist potential Developers and Directors of resident associations in the Management, Marketing and Administration of properties.  Current contracts include the Management of Golden Leopard resorts in the Pilanesburg, South Africa consulting to Stocks Leisure Developments for six of their timeshare Resorts and consulting to the Mpumalanga Parks Board to develop a model for the Blyde River Canyon area.  Our strength lies in the fact that Mr Gert Brumme was the Operations Director for Stocks Leisure Developments for 15 years.  During this time RCI Gold Crown Status was maintained for all the properties.  Properties included ;

·        Kwa Maritane Game Lodge (Pilanesburg),
·        Bakubung Game Lodge (Pilanesberg),
·        KrugerPark Lodge (Hazyview),
·        La Cote Azur (Margate),
·        Castleburn Resort (Drakensberg),
·        Brookehill Suites (Port Elizabeth),
·        Metswedi safari Camp (Pilanesberg)
·        Mankwe safari Camp (Pilanesberg)
·        Pitjane Fishing Camp (Borakalalo)
·        Brookes Hill Suites Hotel (P.E.)
·        Wilderness Dunes (Knysna),
·        HermanusBeach Club,
·        Commodore Hotel (Cape Town),
·        Centurion Lake Hotel (Pilanesberg) and;
·        Tshukudu Lodge (Pilanesberg)

15.0   Objectives

The Coral Palm Development Corporations overreaching objectives are;

Economic; to secure and promote economically sustainable projects and related development that is beneficial to the investors, communities and governments whilst maintaining the cultural and ecological integrity of the allocated sites.

Financial; to source the funding needed to initiate and support meaningful social, economic and environmental development programmes within the source areas: and to create sustainable initiatives and infrastructures that yield profitable returns.

Societal; to assist and promote the enrichment of the local communities and their sustainable infrastructures through education, training and the creation of jobs.

Environmental; to initiate measures to effectively and actively protect, conserve and preserve the sites allocated for development and its cultural and natural heritage.

Company Profile